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Site for free and full programs

KoLomPC – is a web-company, and site for free and full programs that will be your guide to the world of software and internet technologies.

Due to a long existence in the world market – the company managed to grow to a high level. As a result, thousands of people around the world trust us their computers.

What do we offer you?

This site is all about free PC. A wide range of software for your computer, as well as the operating system. There are with us you will be able to get acquainted with the program for optimizing files, the cloud for all important passwords, and personal data (the cloud is secure, so hacker attacks don’t threaten your information).

What do you get after the purchase our product?

1. Original, and license software.

2. Unzip key.

3. Warranty to use.

4. Operational Assistance.

Regular updates

Our company employs hundreds of experienced professionals who monitor the quality of the sold computer software. We make sure that our clients receive only the newest programs as soon as it brings out like update. In addition, we regularly conduct preventive scans of our programs for the presence of virus programs.

What do you get using our service?

1. High-quality and original software.

2. 24/7 support for all issues arising during the operation of the equipment.

3. Fast download and secure storage of purchased software in your personal account.

4. Constant cooperation with one of the best software companies of various types and specifics.


We keep our customers up to date with all the news, as well as updates to the products you have already purchased. In order to receive the newsletter – it is enough to confirm this action when registering or to configure the function in your personal account. Systematically you will receive a newsletter with new information and news by the KoLomPC.


Our company guarantees you the complete protection of your personal data. Based on US law on consumer protection, we guarantee full protection for our customers. We never disclose information about our users, and also don’t sell it to fraudsters. In any incomprehensible situation, you can contact customer service or write to our email. All software purchased from us is provided for your personal use, and if problems arise, you can always complain and you will be answered in a while.

Pay information

The data of your credit card or the payment system through which you make purchases isn’t stored on our service, so you don’t worry about that.
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